Parent Leadership For Our Schools

I have had many roles over the last five years that includes SC Times Writers Group Member, researcher, and Benton County GOP Chair. But the most important role I have in life is as a dad to my small children. The last two years have shown me how vital a well-run school district is to all children, including my own.
During COVID, School Boards had to make vital decisions which affected the mental health of children such as mask mandates and learning models.
School Boards are constantly challenged to keep the focus on the education of the students who attend, not allow activism to dominate and polarize its classrooms and community.
School Boards must keep security for its students and staff as a fundamental guiding principle.
School Boards must remember their responsibility is to its community. It must also not forget community is not defined by only those who can attend school sponsored listening sessions and/or have children in the district. It also includes retirees living on fixed incomes trying to navigate the current increased costs and afford to stay in their home. It includes people who work two jobs and do not have the time to attend community meetings to hear about the most recent spending proposals.
School Boards have fallen victim to the belief more money means better education. Funding choices determine quality, not more money. Every year, school districts ask for a little more of your money. When is it enough? When do you get to keep the money you worked hard to earn and desperately need to pay bills or create memories with your family?
I have decided to run for Sauk Rapids-Rice School Board to bring these principles to the district board table. I humbly ask for your support and vote in November.

About Dan

Dan Johnson was born in Willmar, MN and spent his early years in the small farming town of Olivia, MN. After his family moved multiple times, he graduated from Eden Prairie High School in 1998.  He moved to St. Cloud later that year and graduated from St. Cloud State University in 2009.  In 2006, Dan and his wife moved to Sauk Rapids, where they are the proud parents of 2 young children who attend the public school district.

Dan Believes

Dan Johnson believes school districts need fiscal discipline. He believes they exist to teach students how to, not what to think. He believes they are there to support parents, not take their place. He believes securing our schools should unquestionably be our district’s highest priority outside of its core purpose of education.

Dan Johnson believes strong communities build strong
schools. He believes:

1) Enrollment Must Remain Closed
2) Political Activism Does Not Belong in Public Schools
3) Focus on Core Subjects, such as Math, Science, and Reading
4) Strongly Opposes Mask Mandates
5) Parents Control the Education of their Children
6) Taxpayers Must Be Protected
7) Higher Goals for Student Achievement

Ready to Lead

Dan Johnson became involved in school district policy in 2017 when he wrote a well-received editorial in the St. Cloud Times exposing the out-of-control open enrollment at ISD #47 schools and urging then school board members to separate district “wants from needs” in referendums. In 2018, he led the “Close Open Enrollment In Sauk Rapids/Rice” movement much successfully pressured the School Board to reverse current policy which had led to excessively large class sizes and exceeding building capacity.

Also in 2018, Johnson uncovered $18.6 million of undesignated funds in the district’s budget while the school board told citizen’s the over $90 million referendum needed voter approval to secure our schools. Johnson demanded the district use this money to secure the entrances immediately. After the referendum was heavily defeated, the Sauk Rapids-Rice School Board ultimately use these funds (and a grant from the state) to secure the school entrances without raising taxes.

In 2019, Johnson supported the single issue Pleasantview Elementary rebuild referendum, as the security concerns deemed it a “need.”

In 2020 and 2021, Johnson was very vocal urging area school boards to move back to “in-person learning” as quickly as possible. He also spoke out strongly against mask and vaccine mandates in district schools. He believed local school boards exist to make the best decision for their local communities, not to unquestionably follow state agency recommendations.

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